2019 Midyear Update


2019 Midyear Update

In this Midyear Update, RSF Executive Director Dale Gustafson follows up on the main initiatives laid out at January's Annual Vision & Prayer. Below, you can also find an update on our finances from January - June 2019.


2018 All Church Survey Results

In his presentation, Dale mentions our 2018 All Church Survey results, which you can find here.


Share Your Story

At the end of his presentation, Dale invited you to share stories of how God has been at work in your life and in your relationships in the church through the Year of Authentic Community. Hearing each other’s stories of transformation, healing, and reconciliation builds up the body of Christ and gives us all the opportunity to praise God for His gracious work in our lives.

You can email your story to stories@realitysf.com or complete this brief form.

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We trust that the needs of our church will be met through the generosity of its members. And again, church, we’re so honored and blessed by your sacrificial giving! Thank you. We believe that as our generosity grows, our capacity to pour out into our city and community will also grow.


Jan-june 2019 giving: $2.13M

Total expenses: $2.14m

Net income: -$14,200



(in thousands)


ministry expenses

*Missions, Benevolence, & Church Planting: See below for a breakdown of this giving in January - June 2019.


Missions, benevolence, & Church planting: $305k

Missions: We partner with a number of local and global organizations, as well as missionaries serving in the Bay Area. Learn more about our partner organizations and missionaries here.

Benevolence: Through a discerning benevolence team, we help families and individuals within our church who are in need of emergency financial assistance.

Church Planting: Locally, we support three San Francisco plants (Citizens Church, Eucharist Church, and Liberty Church San Francisco) and one Oakland plant (Realm Church). Outside the continental US, we support our two most recently planted Reality Family churches, Reality Church London and Reality Honolulu.


Fund Balances:

MissionS: $434K

Benevolence: $88K

Church Planting: $479K

Savings: $950K

2019 Board-approved giving goal: